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Interview with designer Maria Kalashyan

Tell me a little about yourself..

My name is Maria I am 31 years old I live in Cyprus in Limassol I was born in Armenia in Yerevan

How did you decide to come to Cyprus? How old were you?

I moved to Cyprus in 2012, got married. My husband has been living in Cyprus for 25 years. When I moved here I was 24 years old.

What do you like about Cyprus?

In Cyprus I like everything I love Cyprus, I love the sea, I love the nature of Cyprus, my daughter was born here, here I started to sew dolls

Why did you want to become a designer?

I wanted to become a designer since childhood.

When did you start making dolls?

I really like to sew, draw and other types of needlework.

Why do you like making dolls? How many years have you been involved in making dolls?

By profession, I am a designer, fashion designer, but I sewed the first doll in 2013. This year my daughter was born and the first doll I sewed for her.

Customers can choose how they want the doll?

Customers can order what kind of doll they want can choose hair color, outfits.

Do you have your own space where you make your dolls? Your customers can come to your place to see your job or only online?

Unfortunately, while I do not have a store and I work only online, but in the near future, I want to open my store.

Customers can order dolls for ceremonies such as christening, wedding, etc.?

You can also order a doll for ceremonies, for weddings, Christine, for a birthday as a gift.

What is the price of a doll?

The price of dolls from 40 to 60 euros depends on the size of the doll, and if this is an order, the price is calculated individually.

How can our eliotropia readers contact you?

You can contact me on Facebook: Maria Kalashyan or Instagram cuty_dolls_handmade.

I also have TikTok mariakalashyan1.

Thank you very much!

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